Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas - Benefit - Countdown to Love - Day 7

Day 7, we are one week in!! 

Today's gift for Day 7 is Benefit's Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in 'A-Lister'. This sample is 6.5mls.

 I really like this! The colour of this is marketed as 'bubblegum pink'. I would say it's more of a pale pink, it's quite subtle and leaves a gentle colour with lovely soft texture. It feels super silky and glides on. It's lovely. I love the packaging of this too - it's super cute and it fits in perfectly with the Benefit range as a whole - they market and package their brand so well. 

The full size version of this is 15 mls and retails at £14.50. This cute sample is 6.5mls and therefore, purchase price would be £6.25! Im very pleased with the size of this and it's great for popping into your clutch bag for a night out!

Hope you've enjoyed reading! 18 sleeps to Christmas!

LL x

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