Sunday, 31 August 2014

Urban Decay - Perversion Mascara

Well ladies, there is a new mascara in my life - and I love it.

Those of you who love Urban Decay will no doubt have heard about their latest must have mascara. As some of you may know, I am an absolute sucker for mascara and I must say, that although I have favourites - ones that I always ALWAYS go back to (YES, I am talking about my old faithful favourite ever Maybelline Rocket Volum' Mascara - surprisingly, I still haven't done a full review of this)  - I am still on the look out for other mascaras that will just enhance my life..

So, I was shopping in Debenhams and I stumbled (as you do) upon the Urban Decay counter and their lovely display for the new mascara - 'Perversion'. Who can resist looking into this - honestly. The sleek packaging and sturdy bottle were enough to capture my attention.

The sales assistant was so kind in offering to pop some on for me so that I could 'see' whether I would like it. I already knew, even before application, that ultimately it wasn't going to matter - I would be buying it.

The product is a brilliant size and comes with the 'Subversion' primer. A white base coat to prime your lashes and get them ready for becoming 'BIGGER. BLACKER & BADDER'. The way she applied it was definitely not to my taste and if I'm honest, they looked a bit clumpy. There is something about mascara application. I have to be able to do this myself, I find it very satisfying applying and coating the lashes and then comparing this to my clean, un-painted lashes.

The wand on this is lovely. Its a brush wand, as opposed to plastic. It gathers just the right amount of product and it isn't so coarse that it hurts the lashes. I know some people with sensitive eyes sometimes feel that certain wands can be a little painful.

When I got home, out came the make up remover and the new mascara and I set about coating my lashes.  I applied the primer, followed by the mascara. The product went on beautifully and when applied, it was completely clump free. I should say products - the primer and the mascara are both just lovely. I sometimes find that when I use a primer, it just makes it harder to apply the mascara and makes my lashes more prone to clumping. Luckily this wasn't the case. After application, my lashes looked longer, darker, more defined and they made my eyes stand out without any other eye product! I really loved the effect.

I think that the marketing is spot on. This product with 'perversion' and 'subversion' is out just as the hype about 50 Shades of Grey is upon the world again and ladies everywhere are getting excited about the series and the trailer that was released for the film. This was such a big thing, that I am guessing so many companies will be jumping on the band wagon.

All in all, I love this and I would definitely recommend. To be honest, I think this is the perfect 'date night' or 'girls night' mascara. I know that's very specific, but the end result felt a little too bold for work really.  I know that pictures really help make decisions, but I am not one for including personal shots on here, I never feel that a camera captures eye make up well either. So I will leave you with my review as written. A definite for anyone looking for a  new mascara and definitely a product worth spending money on.

If you want to pick it up, it's available here for just £17.00. And Debenhams are offering a sample of the mascara when you order too. Perfect! Apparently, the primer is only being sold with the product for a limited time, so grab it whilst you can.

Let me know what you think and whether you have tried this!

Thanks for reading!

LL x

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Liz Earle - Hot Cloth Cleanser

Since I last blogged about my skincare routine, I have undergone a massive change with my products.  It would seem that my skin doesn't like products. The more products I use, the angrier my skin gets and suddenly it's more prone to outbreaks and sensitivity.  Not good for me and certainly not pretty.