Saturday, 12 April 2014

Times flies when you're hard at work...

Finding time to blog in this busy world is hard. I am in the final throws of finishing my training for my chosen career - and to be honest, the hours are long and the work-life balance is hard to manage. 

The one good thing is that I absolutely LOVE my job! The work that I do every day is thoroughly rewarding and most days I leave work and I'm proud of something that I have done that day. For that reason, I know I'm in the right profession and I know that I'm meant to do this! 

My blog was my break from work. At the moment, as I have said - I really don't get time to focus on this and nurture this. Although, this is something that, when I set this up last summer, I loved. This blog was a way to channel my long standing love of all things make up and beauty. And today, as I logged in to see whether my blog was still ok without me, I have noticed that people are still viewing my posts. Despite the unfinished christmas posts and despite my absense of 4 months. That makes me happy.

I am glad that some people still read and refer to my blog and I do intend to recommence my blogging - especially when I have so many amazing products that I want to share my views on. For now, I'm just touching base, but soon I will be back to blogging when I have particular products I want to share! 

If you have still been coming to my little blog, thank you.

Watch this space!

LL x