Friday, 30 August 2013

Shopping - HAUL - An extremely expensive August!

Something came over me this month, I don't know whether it was starting this blog, or reaching a personal goal of mine, or something completely different.. But basically, I feel as though I have bought the entire stock of Boots.  

Barry M -
Diamond Glitter
This is just a general August purchases, rather than anything in detail. I have made the following purchases this month and I naturally, am thrilled to have new products to try out. However, equally, I can't believe I got SO carried away!!!
Please let me know if you would like to see any reviews of specific products! (I am always grateful of suggestions for blogs!) All of the products have links if you want to know prices or wish to purchase yourself! ;)
I have made a fair few purchases from Boots, in several installments...

Boots (Shop #1)

So I get paid, and straight away, I want everything.. I know that I am not safe  once payday has been, simply because I just love spending money on pretty things. This particular day, I had been extremely stressed and I had endured a truly miserable working day - incredibly rude clients always make me sad. I left the office and immediately needed some extensive retail therapy to quell my rage and calm my nerves. So I naturally went to Boots. Bad Move... ;)

I made the following purchases;
    Sorry about poor quality! Eek!
    Bourjois Eye shadow in 05
  2. TRESemme Heat Defence Styling Spray (I bought the mini travel size version)
  3. Super Beauty Body Scrub - Raspberry & Cranberry
  4. Super Beauty Bath and Shower Gel - Raspberry and Cranberry
  5. Montagne Jeunesse - Ultra Deep Pore Cleansing Mask - Dead Sea and Sea Kelp. (10 use)
I also bought the beautiful little necklace for one of my lovely friends for her birthday. I think it's perfect and so cute. It has a lovely sentimental message and I love that sort of thing.
The last two products were for my fiancé, so I also treated my fiancé too. I was kind of thoughtful.. surely that's ok. Girls stuff is so much more exciting!

So it's safe to say, after that shop, I felt considerably better.

However, THAT didn't stop me..

ELF (Shop #2)

I have been aware of the ELF 60% off sale for some time and I have resisted. Until.. It went to 50% and I was so concerned that I would miss out.. I do love a bargain. Not that you would know it.

So, I went ahead, card in hand and placed my order online. Low and behold, not even a week after my above purchases, I am the proud owner of a tonne of new ELF products. I made the following purchases;
  1. ELF Professional Travel Kit (Make Up Brushes) for my  future Mother in Law to try out.
So it's safe to say, that I just cannot resist buying make up.
I wish I could say I stopped there.. But I didn't. Naturally I had to make additional purchases.

Morrisons (Shop #3)

I went to do my weekly shopping and I stumbled into the Beauty aisle, as you do. As I was walking down the aisle, I spotted some discounted products and within these were the cutest Collection Work the Colour eye shadows. These were super cute and really lovely shades. 
So I bought two of them. And a hair treat.
  1. Collection Work the Colour Eyeshadow (x2 - 5, Champagne Fizz & 2, Naughty 'n' Nude)
  2. Herbal Essences Bee Strong Shampoo and  Conditioner.

Boots (Shop #4)

BOOTS AGAIN! I KNOW! When I am left to my own devices, I make impulse decisions and buy everything. This is a new thing (over the last year or two) before this, I was very good at being in control of my decisions and saying NO. Now, I'm not so good and my brain automatically says YES!

I popped into Boots, to have a 'look' around. I genuinely did not need ANYTHING else. I had already bought all of the above by this point and only late last month, I had topped up on my skin care products that were running low, ready for when my skin care products were ready for the empty pile. I was in Boots for literally, 2 hours. I trawled every aisle about 5 times and I had the BEST time. I was alone, took my time and just swatched everything in sight. I had all kinds of products all over my hands.
I somehow, convinced myself that I needed the following and made further purchases;
  1. Myleene Class Nail Wraps in Glitter Black 
  2. Maybelline Baby Lips (x3 in Peach Kiss, Cherry Me and Pink Punch). I told myself that I would not be drawn in by this craze!
  3. Maybelline Colour Tattoos (x3 - Endless Purple, Everlasting Navy & On and On Bronze)
So, I have basically spent every penny I have on make up products this month. But, I feel that it was worth every penny.
I have also had some fab little testers and samples this month too, but I will upload that in a separate blog - given the length of this already!
Well. I must say, that despite being incredibly poor after my last months shopping sprees, I am super happy with every product that I have purchased and tested so far. Some of the products have already been blogged about individually or I have tweeted. I will link those blogs below, for you to read if you are interested! I hope you are!
I am sure there will be many more products and I will try and link them in as and when I review them.

I am going to try and resist buying anything this month - my only excuse is that I work hard - so why not..  As you can imagine, this doesn't really wash well with my fiancé! ;)
Have any of you had blow outs like this at any time? (without meaning to!) Let me know, I can't be the only one!
Hope you have enjoyed reading!
LL x 


  1. Wow you did buy a lot of stuff. And I though I was bad ;)
    Adela x

    1. I'm terrible! ;) All of my purchases so far have been amazing though! :D LL x

  2. Replies
    1. I know - I must try to reign it in slightly this month! :) Lots to blog again now though. LL x

  3. Well that's what I call a big haul! But I mean if you're blogging you can take that as an excuse :p I just started blogging and I feel like my all my money is going to be gone in no timee :p haha

    1. That is exactly what I blame last month on! I never have blow outs like that usually! :) Enjoyed trying it all out though - definitely some blogs about specific items coming soon! :) Thanks for reading! LL x


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