Monday, 5 August 2013

Boots - The best kind of shopping trip

There is nothing better than a trip to Boots..

My day can instantly be changed by popping to Boots and for this reason, I believe that it deserves its own blog. Seeing as my trips there, are what will lead to my reviews and blogs on here..

Walking into Boots is actually one of the most exciting things for me! Sad I know.. I experience the same exhilaration, visiting Debenhams and Selfridges make up counters. So much choice, shiny packaging and exciting new products. I imagine that's how Rebecca Bloomwood feels in the film, Confessions of a Shopaholic. I just love exploring the new products and displays and the smells of everything. Mascara and nail varnish are my downfall - I always seem to pick these up and I have tonnes of them. 
I do like to take my time and have opinions on products and for that reason, when not on my own (getting ever so carried away and buying everything within reach), I like to go with my fiancĂ© or my best friend. They are both always on hand to offer their opinions and, my best friend  is able to recommend and share her experiences regarding products. I am sure that she will no doubt be blogging soon too. She is a fountain of knowledge and always know how to persuade me to try stuff.
I have been to Boots a fair few times in recent weeks and therefore, I have some new products and 'old faithfuls' that I will be reviewing. Fingers crossed these will interest you. I will be reviewing my most recent mascara purchase (Maxfactor Wild Mega Volume - Volumising Mascara) on my next blog. I also purchased some old and new skin care products, so I will definitely get around to doing a blog on those too. As I said previously, so much to blog about, it's hard to know where to start!!!
If anyone is out there, please comment.
Thanks for reading.
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  1. At least there is somebody else who feels the same way as me! Isn't it just the hardest trying to resist a 'quick little look' (although 99% of the time we come out with empty purses but bags jam filled with goodies!) My weaknesses are definitely nail varnish, perfume, facemasks and foundation! Who doesn't love a good spend up hey!

    1. Definitely! I love boots! It's an obsession! Nail varnish and mascara are definitely my down fall! I always buy these - I have fa too many!!! :)

  2. I love boots too!
    I can never resist going in and having a look around. It love that they have premium counters and the "highstreet" make-up in the same place. My weakness at the moment is definitely skin care at the moment. I can't stop buying it.
    Glad im not the only one who loves boots so much. Ids definetly my favourite shop!
    Sam X

    1. Thanks for reading! Definitely glad I am not the only Boots lover. It is amazing. Trying to get into more skin care stuff. I have been trying the Clinique 3 step, but not overly impressed with it! Will be looking out of new recommendations, so will keep an eye on your blog! :) LL x


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