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Exfoliating - St Ives Facial Scrubs - Super Soft Skin

 Exfoliating the skin is so important and something that, when I revised my skincare routine, I wanted to make sure that I did on a regular basis.  I had only tried a couple of exfoliants before and not on a regular basis, so I wasn't really that sure of what I was looking for. I didn't want anything too stripping or drying for my skin.

With this in mind, I went to Boots and I trawled the aisles looking for something that I had heard of that would be good to start with. I had heard of St Ives before, so I thought that I would give it a try. They had a huge range of products and I must have been stood there for quite a while just picking one up, smelling it and putting it down. I like to make sure that the product that I chose was appealing in every aspect and would do the job.
 So in the end, after much deliberation, I decided on two scrubs, mainly because the offer in Boots at the time, was buy one get one half price.
Firstly, I purchased the Timeless Skin, Daily Microdermabrasion, which claims to reveal younger looking, refined skin. This is available at Boots for £4.99. 
The second product I purchased, was the Fresh Skin, Warming Scrub, which claims to  quickly heat on contact with water to relax pores, whilst removing dull, dry skin cells, and mildly cleansing pores of clogging dirt and oil. I think that this one was also £4.99, but this does not appear to be available on the Boots website. This one is however. This appears to be the same product, as part of the Elements range.
So, I have now used both of these products for about 2 months and I think that I have a couple of uses left in the Warming Scrub.  I have really enjoyed using both products.
I have used the daily scrub, as recommended every day and I have alternated two uses each week with the warming scrub. The products feel lovely and have a really nice consistency, just as you would expect from an exfoliator - it has small microbeads that are massaged into your skin.
The daily scrub feels, surprisingly more coarse, with '100% mineral crystals in. When I massage this into the skin, it does feel like it thoroughly cleans the skin and it feels refreshing. Once rinsed off, my skin does feel much smoother and more supple.  This doesn't really have a 'smell' so to speak, but the daily use feature was definitely something that made me buy this. I wanted to be able to use a scrub on a daily basis, to maintain my skin.  In my opinion, sometimes only using a product once or twice a week, doesn't quite reap the same rewards as consistent use.
The warming scrub feels softer, but is a much thicker consistency.  I have used a lot of this product in a short amount of time really. I was surprised that I have used both in such a similar time frame, given that the warming scrub is only used a couple of times a week and the bottle is much bigger than the daily scrub. I have preferred the warming scrub over the two though.  As soon as I massage this into my skin, it warms slightly and as you move it around you can feel the product and warming sensation making the skin tingle. It does feel lovely.
I have found that moisturising is a definite must when using an exfoliant. I have used this within my skincare routine and I will definitely continue to do so. 
I have found that my face feels much fresher and looks clearer and for this reason, I will definitely continue to use a scrub as part of my daily routine. I would previously would have break outs  on patches of my skin (mainly around my chin) and this has lessened since I have included the scrubs in my skincare routine. I can't say that the result is solely attributable to the scrubs, but even so, I will still be maintaining this.
In terms of recommendations, I would definitely recommend the warming scrub and I will be keeping my eyes pealed for this in Boots (I hope they are still stocking this). I think that, although I have enjoyed using the daily microdermabrasion,  I may try another of the daily scrubs that St Ive's have to offer. I will probably repurchase again in the future though, as I have no issues with it, I would just like something that smells a little nicer.
If you have any scrubs that you would recommend, or you have had good experiences with any of the St Ive's scrubs, let me know! I would love to know what others have thought of these.
Hope this has been helpful.
Thanks for reading.
LL x

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