Monday, 26 August 2013

Collaboration - #theSOproject

I am sure you have all heard about the 'SO' project , short for 'Start Off' project. Tomorrow at 6.00 pm, the project, created by Steph at StephsInsideVoice will go live across  125 blogs (at the moment.. this may have increased) and Twitter.

Steph has started this project as a means to educate and inform those that are new to make up and who are still learning the techniques and uses for make up and skin care products.
I personally think that this is a fantastic idea, as soon as I heard about the project, I jumped at the chance to be involved and as a result, here I am - this little introduction will be the first blog in the series, which will begin tomorrow and each Tuesday following for a total of 10 weeks. The schedule for this is as follows;
    • Week 1   -    Skincare
    • Week 2   -   Concealer
    • Week 3   -   Foundation
    • Week 4   -   Bronzer
    • Week 5   -   Blusher
    • Week 6   -   Mascara
    • Week 7   -   Eyeliner
    • Week 8   -   Eyeshadow
    • Week 9   -   Lips
    • Week 10 -   Make up tools
Each week, one of these topics will be covered and there will then be 125 individual views on that specific area, that will hopefully help 'guide' and 'support' others who are new to make up or who are looking to develop or try out new techniques.
I know I for one, will be taking particular note of a couple of the posts and utilising what I learn for my own beauty needs, as I am sure many others will be doing. I am so excited to see what everyone blogs about and to see each persons individual approach to the area - I guess it's kind of like a school project, you just don't know how people are going to interpret each topic.
So, there will be a series of blogs to come - all will be titled - #theSOproject, so should be easily identifiable. On that note, I hope that people will enjoy reading my posts. Please leave comments and share my blog posts if you find them interesting or helpful in any way.
Thanks for reading!
LL x

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