Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Mascara - 'Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Volumising Mascara'

Max Factor mascaras make up some of my favourite high street purchases, so finding out that there was a new mascara on offer, it was inevitable that I would buy this. When I like a brand, I tend to trust the product and I am happy to invest in new products.
The 'Wild' range was released in the UK in July 2013, with reports of stores selling out of the products across the country, because of the demand. (No doubt it was due to us bloggers queuing to test drive the latest products.  I picked this up from Boots (of course) for £4.99, its introductory offer price. I must say, so far, I am not disappointed. I LOVE this product.
The wand is a rather non-traditional shape, I would describe the shape as a kind of hour glass/peanut shape. I know that this has put some people off the product and some believe that the overall lash coverage has been affected. I disagree.
My experience of the wand so far, is great. I'm really pleased with the coverage given. I've been able to cover all lashes with an even coat and the shape of the wand has hugged the lash from root to tip. I have also found that it is really easy to build the product, without clumping the lashes. Definitely an important feature for any mascara!
Max Factor claim that this mascara instantly 'blackens and plumps' up the look of every lash. I can't really argue with the 'blackens' aspect, as this is a 'black' mascara - naturally the lashes will be coated in the formula. With regards to the 'plumps' aspect, I'm not so sure. I definitely agree that the lashes are well defined. They also appear to be lengthened and due to the light formula, the lashes don't feel heavy at all and it holds a curl well. I have tried this with and without curling the lashes first and the shaping has been lovely for both.
This is now a definite contender for my every day mascara, when I don't want anything heavy or overly 'made up' for work and as I have said, it is easy to build the coverage and the look, if I am going out after work. I haven't experienced any flaking either - another big positive.
I haven't tried out the water resistance of the product yet, but if I do, I will update and let you know. Maybe a chick flick is in need at the weekend, to road test its durability.
So as you can see, I am extremely impressed with the product and I have been reaching for this daily, with the occasional reversion to my favourite high street mascara (Maybelline 'Rocket Volum'express').
I would repurchase and I would recommend.
Let me know your views, if you have had the chance to try this or if you subsequently purchase.
Thanks for reading.
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