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Weddings - Being a Bridesmaid...

So, some of you may have come across the fact that I am getting married (eventually...).
By way of background, my fiancé and I have been together for 9 1/2 years and we got engaged in October last year. We were only 16 when we started seeing each other and still at high school.
Mark and I have agreed that we will wait until we have bought our house and done some other grown up stuff - as in waiting for me to sort my career out (which will be completed next year!!) before we tie the knot. Not ideal - I have had wedding fever for the last 6 years (MINIMUM!). So the fun with planning continues for us, albeit this kind of also being on hold until next year.. It simply means that we get to revel in the planning a little longer. YAY!
Shortly after we got engaged, my best friend Suzy and her fiancĂ© Adam got engaged. Talk about perfect timing. Suzy is my Maid of Honour and I will be her Bridesmaid at her wedding and I literally cannot wait. I am loving the wedding fever that is in the air.
Suzy and I (along with the guys) have done wedding fayres and planning and googling and pinning (via pinterest) and all other manner of wedding related stuff. Suzy and Adam have their date and it is all getting very serious and approaching very quickly now. You can read about their wedding fun over at her blog - linked here.


Being a Bridesmaid

I am absolutely honoured to have been asked to be Bridesmaid for Suzy. I literally cannot wait to see her looking as stunning as ever and to be marrying the person that makes her happier than anyone. I know that her and Adam are going to be so happy.
As a result, I want to be the best Bridesmaid ever and make sure that their wedding is as perfect as they hope and want it to be. (Does anyone else ever feel that they must help and make a difference or at least ease the load? After all, its such a privilege to be asked to be a part of their special day).
I 'try' to be a very proactive and encouraging person - that kind of comes with my personality too, because I love weddings so much and I love nothing more than sharing ideas and trying to help my girlies out by making suggestions and planning and locating things that can help.
My first goal was to help organise them and sort their train of thought. I  ended up with Wedding Planners and all manner of print outs and wedding fayre information to get stuck in. What better way to start the wedding planning journey.

Wedding Planners

I love wedding planners and I think that these are an IDEAL engagement present. I think it's such a nice touch and something that can be used along the way. The best ones I have found are as follows;
1.  This is the planner that Suzy purchased for Mark and I. I have also purchased a similar one (different cover) for one of my other friends.  I love it. It has pockets (illustrated in the photo) and tonnes of pages to organise my ideas and business cards and favourite samples of ribbon, lace, cardstock etc. I think it's pretty perfect. (Thanks Suzy!)
It can be purchased here.
2. This pocket book version is perfect. I purchased for Suzy (and I also treated myself - can't be carrying a huge one each time you go wedding shopping). They're basically, a mini version of the one above. I purchased this from John Lewis and think it's perfect and does exactly the job required. It's super helpful in organising the mind and great for writing lists in.
This one can be purchased here.
There are absolutely tonnes of variations of wedding planners out there and I know that these can be personalised too.
I think they are lovely and they are something that the happy couple will be able to use throughout their engagement and fuel all of their ideas - and then keep it after. What better way to remember and recall the whole trials and tribulations of wedding planning. It is an absolutely essential part of wedding planning.
Aside from this, having a list to work through, will help keep the Bride and Groom on track to an organised and (hopefully) less stressful wedding day.
Some helpful wedding planning checklists that I have found are linked here.
1. Helpful checklist No. 1 - Your Wedding Magazine
2. Helpful checklist No. 2 -  Planning your Perfect Wedding
Alternatively, you can create your own here. Or download if you have an iPhone, you can download the helpful apps that do the same for you to have with you at all times. My iPhone has a fair few on it.
This post is dedicated to Suzy - and is hopefully motivation for us both to plan on. (And Suzy, the first 'Keep Calm' post is for you to refer to whenever you get stressed - I am always here to help - whatever time of day and whenever you need me to be!!)
Have any of you been a Bridesmaid recently? Or have any of you really enjoyed helping plan your own or a friends special day with them? What tips do you have to share?
Hope you have enjoyed reading.
LL x

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