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#theSOproject - Concealer

This week #theSOproject (brain child of Steph of Steph'sInsideVoice) will be covering CONCEALER.
This is a pretty dry topic really, I know some people don't use concealer at all, but I however - I LOVE THE STUFF! As a result, I can't guarantee this will be a short post as most expect!
I suffer with dark circles under my eyes - (in my opinion) I'm sure I make myself sound  like I have really dark miserable eyes, but I hope this is not the case. I think that I just make it sound worse because I obsess about it. Anyway,  as a result of my (possibly over the top) fixation, I have tried SO many different concealers over the years, in a hope that I will find one that is right for me and does the job.

What's it for?

So, for those of you that don't really know what concealer is all about, basically, it's a creamy liquid make up product, that enables you to 'cover', 'conceal' and essentially 'hide' flaws on the skin.  As I have said, I use this for under my eyes and to cover the occasional blemishes and I think that these are the most common uses.
There are a wide range of concealers out there. A number of them are praised by #bbloggers everywhere, because of the coverage provided or because it is particularly good for some other magical reason.



The formula for concealer is usually thicker and more pigmented that that of a foundation. The point of a concealer means that the product must give a fuller coverage. Each different Brand and product will have a different formula, so experimentation is key in finding out which will best suit your skin type and what you are trying to cover.

Some will also have 'additional properties', such as an antibacterial agent or something to reduce puffiness. I am not an expert on how well all of the additional features of products are, but I can tell you that I have tried a fair few. So I will try and tell you what I can about these.

Types of Concealer

There are various types of concealer available. I will try and cover the benefits or draw backs of each in turn. 

Stick Concealer 

This comes in the style of a lipstick applicator. I have found that whilst these are good for application (in that you apply directly to the area) and are easy to store in your bag, sometimes the formulas are a little too dry and too thick. This stops them from blending into the skin as well as you would want them too and makes it quite noticeable.
I have tried these and I must say, I have not stuck to any of these and repurchased. I have just not loved them enough and found that they are worth repurchasing.

Pot Concealer

This comes in a pot and can be applied using a brush or your fingers. I find that this kind of concealer is good for your make up bag. They can sometimes feel a little bulky to carry around (depending on the make). It is also the case that this type of concealer, more so than the stick concealers, will need setting in place, with a powder. I have really enjoyed using this type of concealer and I do have one particular favourite in this category. The Soap and Glory Kick-Ass Concealer. (I think that this also encompasses a colour corrector aspect too). I will review this specifically below. 
For other similar products, Mac and so many other big brands do palettes of concealer too. See here.

Liquid Concealers

I have purchased more of this kind of concealer, than any other. This is without a doubt, the most popular kind. This concealer appears to be more like a foundation. It is a thicker more pigmented liquid that provides anything from light to full coverage depending upon the formula. Some products come in a lip gloss style applicator and others come with a small bush to apply directly, others are just in tubes, but they are all the same kind of product. My preference  for applying concealer is actually using my fingers to make sure that the product is completely blended into the skin, although if I feel that a heavier application is required, I will use a small brush to really concentrate on a specific area (if I am going on a night out or to an event). The last thing I want is for my concealer to be noticeable - the point is to conceal!
Again, as with the Pot concealers, this will need setting in place with a powder. I do think that the translucent powders are best, if you are not going to be wearing a setting powder anyway.  I have so many types of these products and two particular favourites. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer and Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer. Again, I will review these specifically below.

Tone/Colour Correcting Concealer

You may or may not know that Concealer also comes in various colours. These are for specific colourings, to assist in re-matching the affected area with the normal skin tone and colouring of your skin. There are rules regarding this and what the colours should be used for, in order to get the best usage and coverage. The palettes pictured below are from ELF. Cream. Powder.


So, here goes;


A GREEN coloured concealer counteracts acts any redness in the skin. This could be caused by scarring or acne.
An ORANGE coloured concealer covers any blue tones in the skin that may be caused by dark circles (such as my undereye issue) or any visible veins.
A YELLOW coloured concealer covers any purple colouring in the skin. This may be because of again, dark circles (GRR), bruising or scarring.
A PURPLE concealer covers any yellowing in the skin. This may be due to illness or ill health generally.
A PINK concealer (usually pale pink) is to brighten the skin, where it would previously appear more gray or darker. This just removes the darker undertones and replaces with a more neutral tone.
The actual ability to use these products correctly and effectively, is basically down to practice. I do not tend to stray outside of the more yellow and orange/peachy colours. Even so, knowing where to use them can help massively. There is never a good time to get creative with concealer. It's usually something thrown on in a morning, that you have done hundreds of times before.

My Favourites

1.                                                    2.                                          3.


1.Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer (rrp £7.99)
This is a liquid concealer. The packaging is basically a squeezy tube, with a brush applicator and I think that this is great! Aside from if it gets squished in your handbag and all ends up in the lid. Despite this, you can ensure that you use all of the product.
I really love this product. I have had probably  4 or 5 of these at least and I always go back and buy another when I am out. The product offers great coverage for the under eye area. It is also a highlighter, so brightens the areas applied to and makes them look wonderful. I have really loved this and I have been using this for years and years! I tend not to use the brush attached for blending the product, I usually use my finger. As I have said, I prefer this way of applying. The product is a good consistency, not too thick and blends in really well. The illuminating feature is so subtle too, but lovely. I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to try a concealer, as I have said it's one that I just keep coming back to.
2. Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (rrp £3.69)
This is another liquid concealer. This is a product that beauty bloggers everywhere have RAVED about. Everyone has tried it, honestly.

This is a lip gloss style applicator. The packaging is nothing to write home about unfortunately and the writing that is all over the packaging actually comes off - all over your hands or bag (that part is not recommended or liked by me. I would pay slightly more for this product if they sorted that out!). I came to this product quite recently, maybe 2 months ago. But it is a great product. The formula is really thick and creamy. It glides on and can be brushed or smoothed into the skin with fingers. Its really blendable and I can instantly see the difference, without feeling or looking as though I have product on and without it feeling cakey. I would definitely recommend. This is a great product by Collection, who I feel are sometimes overlooked because of the other great high street Brands.

3. Soap and Glory Kick Ass Concealer (rrp £10.00)

This is a pot concealer. The packaging is amazing - so cute and it is instantly recognisable as a S & G product!
This contains two shades of concealer - one for under eye and one for covering blemishes. Both are really creamy and cover and blend really well. I use this several times a week, when I feel that I need a bit of additional coverage under eyes and on any blemishes that may or may not have appeared! You also get a translucent powder for setting the concealer in place, which is a must with this product. I would definitely recommend. I purchased this on a 3 for two, when Boots had an offer, so I only ended up paying £10 for 3 products (some weird voucher wizardry..). I'm very impressed and will definitely repurchase when I run out.
So, that's all for my second #theSOproject entry!
Let me know what you think, I will reply to any comments left!
Hope you have enjoyed reading!
LL x


  1. Such a detailed post! I love my stick concealers and of course the Collection one too! :-)


    1. Thanks! Hope it's useful! :) I do love a good concealer! x

  2. This is so useful and detailed!! I prefer using my fingers for applying concealer too, it works much better for blending I think

    1. Thank you! :) I hope that you enjoyed reading and managed to stick with it. Its so LONG!! :) LL x

  3. What a great post so much information. You put me to shame ;D Would love you to take a look at mine http://budgetbeautyhealth.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/thesoproject-concealers-how-to-what-to.html We have a few matching favorites. I hope you dont mind im going to follow you xx

    1. Will certainly take a look. Hope you enjoyed the post. There are some clear favourites with concealer amongst us bbloggers hey! :) Thanks for reading and commenting! :) LL x

  4. Enjoyed your post! Really like the way you included the different forms concealers could take :)



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