Sunday, 1 September 2013

New Brands - MUA love

This brand is definitely not new to you all. But to me, it most certainly is. 

As you will know from my last post, this month I was going to try and stay away from any new make up purchases, but.. payday has just been and I have heard so much about this brand and so many positive comments that I couldn't resist. 

So I purchased 4 products earlier this week, all MUA Cosmetics;

Suzy had blogged about the mosaic blush recently and I thought that this sounded lovely. I thought that this might be quite nice to try out and, although its not really obvious from my blog at the moment, I am a lover of blushes and cheek colours. I love anything in pretty pinks and peaches - I like a rosy cheek! I'm hoping that this will give a lovely sheen of colour. It looks as though it has tones that could act as highlighters and bronzers within the mosaic too. I'm hoping this will be subtle and natural. 

I have read a number of reviews of the MUA eye shadow palette including some reviews likening this to the Urban Decay Naked palettes. (I am yet to own the Naked palettes, but my birthday will be here in less than 2 months, so watch this space - the birthday fairy may grant my wish!!)

In light of these comments, I am naturally curious about these eye shadows and I have heard that the colours are really pigmented and blend really well. If this is so, for £4, I will be one happy lady! There are 12 shades in this colour, all lovely brown shades - perfect as we move into the autumn. The back of the packaging even has a little helpful 'masterclass' in creating a smokey eye, so these will be perfect for beginners and those who are still working on perfecting the 'smokey eye'.

I purchased 2 lip products too. 

Firstly, the lipstick. I checked out the lipstick stand and there were a wide range of shades. I picked up 'shade 6' because I thought that this was a cute 'rose' shade of pink - I like a more subtle pink for my lips (now that I am actually venturing into the world of lip products) and I have found that all of my lip products are similar shades. I doubt that this will change to be honest, I can't imagine myself wearing a 'bright red' lip. I wish it would suit, but I would look daft! My complexion is relatively pale(i'm AWAYS the lightest shade for foundations and concealers) and I just don't think that I could pull that off. Even so, this shade is lovely, I'm really looking forward to trying this out.

Finally, I purchased the lip liner. I'm not really sure what the shade is called for this. I bought this as a kind of, novelty item if I am honest, although I am looking forward to trying this. I was so intrigued by the lid of this product. It has a little sharpener built into the lid. My fiance and I were incredibly impressed and as a result - I made the purchase. Hopefully it will be good.

So, I didn't spend an awful lot today - the MUA range is lovely and I love that this is a range that beginners can afford with pocket money too. From the reviews that I have read, the products are beautiful in quality and I am so excited to try these out! The range is pretty extensive and I had fun looking at all the products and had to hold off buying more - I could very easily have bought more - you saw my last haul (posted literally a few days ago) and that demonstrates how little restraint I have around make up!

I will do a collective review again at some point, with an update to this (hopefully.. if i remember to) and let you know my thoughts on the products once I have tried them out, They are still all shiny and untouched at the moment.

What MUA products would you recommend? Have you tried the above? Thoughts?

Hope you have enjoyed reading!

LL x



  1. One thing I miss about living in wales. Is having MUA. Great post.
    Good luck with the blog your socks off. I'm also doing it


    1. Thanks! WIll check out your blog. Must buy from superdrugs website when possible - so cheap and loving the range!! :) LL x

  2. That palette is one of the best purchases I have made in my whole life, i'm not kidding, I reach for this on an almost daily basis despite having 6/7 palettes in my collection so far, it's just so easy to pick up and create different looks with! I love it ^_^
    The Blushing Giraffe | A New UK Beauty Blog

    1. That's definite proof that its a good choice then. I have tried a couple of looks with the palette and I have loved it so far! :) Very impressed. I'm using it with my 'on and on bronze' colour tattoo too, great combo. Thanks for reading! :) LL x


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