Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Real techniques - Starter Set - Eye Brushes

So this is blog 2/3 of my review of make up brushes and this review, is to cover the lovely Real Techniques Starter Set, that contains brushes for your EYES!

The Starter set comes with 5 brushes, all with purple handles and again, a lovely storage case. All brushes are used for various things on the eyes.

I use 3 of the 5 brushes regularly although all do have uses for me, which I like.

- Accent Brush (3)
- Brow Brush (5)
- Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush(4)
- Deluxe Crease Brush (1)
- Base Shadow Brush(2)

The Accent Brush is the smallest of the set. I use this for getting into the corners of my eyes and applying highlighter. I can't remember whether this is what it was in fact designed for, but I think that it's perfect for this. I only use this brush occasionally, but it's a lovely brush and it deserves its place in the kit in my opinion.

The Brow Brush for me personally, would technically be useless, as I do not use any brow products. Recently, I did pick up a product to try, but it isn't really for me. This brush is angled           1.    2.     3.    4.   5.
to allow for a more precise application. I would say that I have actually changed the use of this brush and because I am still quite unsteady with liquid and gel eyeliner, I use this to guide my lines along the lash line when I use this. This does work really well and the shape of the brush enables me to sweep this across the eye and ensure that the line is steady. I know that this isn't really the correct use, but it does work for me.

The Pixel Pointed Eyeliner Brush is lovely. I use this one less often, because of my childlike application of eyeliner at present. When I have eventually perfected this technique, which I am working on, I will of course use this more regularly.

The Deluxe crease brush is great. It has quite a large head, allowing for application of colour into the crease and this is also lovely for blending the colours as you apply, for those looking to apply a smoky eye.  Because of the size of this brush, I also tend to use this for applying lots of colour across the lid when I am in a rush. It is probably my most used brush of the set. I really like using this brush.

The base shadow brush is really nice. The head is flat and in my opinion, quite similar to the Mac 217 in terms of size and shape. My experiences with this brush are all good. Product is picked up well and evenly and the application across the eye is lovely. It's really easy to build up your base shadow with this brush too - naturally, given that this is the intended job. I tend to add a little more dimension after using the base shadow brush, by using the deluxe crease brush to blend out the colours and really work the darker colour through the crease. I do love this brush and the versatility! I even occasionally use this for highlighting too. 
So, in summary - these are a staple requirement for all make up kits and are available at a number of places - I got mine from Boots (of course..) for £20.99.
Do you have and love these brushes? Let me know!
Hope you have enjoyed reading!
LL x

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