Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hair Masks - L'Oreal Elvive Triple Resist Mask

I popped into town today  with my fiancĂ©, to buy a few bits and whilst I was browsing, I decided that I wanted to purchase a new hair mask. I have tried a couple, but never really stuck to one specific brand, as I don't use them very often, so I didn't have anything specific in mind.
We went into Bodycare, I always manage to get my essentials (like cotton face pads) from here and I had a peep around to see what was on offer.
There were very few to choose from in there, but I wasn't overly concerned on choice and I picked this up and read the packaging - it fit the bill and I made the purchase. Also, the smell is just lovely.
When I got home, I decided that I would have a bit of a pamper afternoon. I decided on a face mask to accompany my pamper session.
I washed my hair as normal and then scooped up some of this product and coated my hair. It does say to concentrate on the lengths and ends of the hair, however, I always find that I end up massaging the product into the roots and then trying to get an even layer down the length of my hair and into the ends. I like to feel that it's benefiting every part of my hair. (Does that sound weird?)
L'Oreal recommend that you leave the mask on for 2-3 minutes, but as I had a face mask on too, I left this on for a little longer than this (like almost 20 minutes...). I rinsed both the hair and face mask off and I must say, my hair felt super soft.
I allowed my hair to air dry and I must say, the smell and the softness of my hair is definitely appreciated. I love hair products that have lovely smells - especially when the smell lasts on the hair too. I used this about 6 hours ago now and I can still smell it. My hair feels so clean and it looks shinier, feels softer and I am really pleased with the effect.
This was a bargain - I pad £2.99 for this from Bodycare as I mentioned above. In Superdrug it is on offer for £3.69 at the moment - usually £5.19 and can be purchased here.
I will definitely repurchase - out of the other masks that I have tried (as I said, I have only tried a few) this is my favourite.
Have any of you tried and loved any masks recently? Any other recommendations?
Hope you've enjoyed reading.
LL x

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