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Face Masks - Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask

My aim for November is to really nourish and replenish my skin. My skincare routine has been fab and filled with lovely products, but for some reason - my skin isn't happy. So, I am spending a little more time this month really trying to work out what the problems are and trying to care for my skin appropriately.
Now, one of the best ways of treating my skin, is with a lovely face mask. I'm a big fan of face masks.

Pamper days and spending time caring for my skin is one of the most relaxing things and most weekends, I can be found covered in some form of face mask, painting my nails and surrounded by sweets (and on occasion, work or blogging - depending on how busy my week has been).
I have tried a fair few masks, but my most recent venture has been fruitful and I now have a new face mask love. I picked up quite a few different ones, an Origins facemask, Mudd facemask and a Boots own brand face mask.  
The Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask caught my eye recently, so I popped into Boots recently and I picked up a sachet of this product - you can buy individually (99p) or in a little tube (£2.99), that has approximately 5 uses I picked up the individual package, so that I could try this and see whether it was any good. I wanted something that would help clear my pores. I actually went back and picked up the tube the day after, as I wanted this on hand for my next face mask day.
I have used this a couple of times now and I wanted to rave about this and share my love of the product.


The individually packaged product is quite hard to get out of the packaging. It's not impossible by any stretch and it didn't affect the use of the product, but I am not a huge fan of this type of sachet. As you can see in the photograph, you basically tear off the top of the packaging and scoop the product out.
The tube is much simpler and less messy for application and I think, that from now on, I will purchase the tube. Even if I wanted to take it anywhere, it's the same size as a small hand cream (such as my no. 1 favourite Soap and Glory Hand Food) and this wouldn't be in the way wherever I stored it. Handbag, toiletry bag - wherever.


The product itself is clear and quite thick and gel like. When you begin to rub this into your skin, it does feel sticky. I think that this is similar to most products however, you tend to get creamy or gel like face masks, because they work the best. I definitely wouldn't discount the product because of this. It's easy to smooth over the face and it covers well. I feel like this really does stick well to the skin and I do think that this enhances the functionality, so I am happy with this.
The smell is pleasant. I like tea tree and I like witch hazel - both are products that are good for blemish prone skin and more recently, my skin has been a complete nightmare, so I am more than happy to have both tea tree and witch hazel back in my skin care routine. I would suggest trying this, even if you aren't a huge fan of the smell of these products, they're good for the skin and I think that the mask being so effective is worth overlooking the smell (apologies if you disagree!).


I applied the entire contents of the individual sachet and with the tube, the second time I used the mask, I just applied until my face was evenly covered. I don't think that I used quite as much as I did the first time. This didn't affect the result, so no problem for me.
One good thing about the tube is that you aren't obliged to use the entire contents and therefore, if you have some specific areas that you would like to target, you can just apply to those areas. For example, nose, forehead, chin.. areas that are most problematic for the majority of us, with spots/blackheads and clogged pores.
The instructions don't direct whether the application is to a wet or dry face, so I have tried it with both - just in case one way was more effective. I have found both ways to be the same and both had great results.
The mask stays on for 10-15 minutes, but I have found that a little longer is needed for the mask to dry fully - especially when you wet the face first. (Obviously drying time is reduced significantly when you apply to a dry face!)
The mask tightens and dries. I have found that patting my forefinger over my face to check that my face is dry all over is the best way, it's hard to tell from appearance, as it's clear, there's no marked difference in the way that it looks on the skin. From my experience, my face just went very shiny and glossy.


I have found that the mask has pealed off really well both times. It's come off in one clean sweep too. I know that some other reviews of the product that I have read since purchasing, have stated that the mask didn't come off fully in places. I haven't had any problems at all so far. Once I have removed the mask, I rinse my face to make sure all the mask is off. My skin has literally felt super soft and silky after removal. I have felt that my skin has been completely cleansed and I have noticed a reduction in blackhead, even just over two uses.
As yukky as it is, because you are pealing this off, it's a little like a nose strip, in that you can see any dirt or grime that has come off your face. Although that is disgusting -  it's also a little bit satisfying, knowing that your face is extra clean.
I would definitely recommend and I will most certainly be continuing to use this within my skin care routine, to ensure that my skin is super soft and fully cleansed. I will be doing my best to make sure that my skin starts December, in a much better condition.
Have you tried this product? Love/Hate?
Thanks for reading!
LL x


  1. great review. I just bought this product, wasn't to sure how often you could use it?

    1. Thanks! When I have used it, I would say once a week is more than enough. :) x

  2. Great review :) I'm going through a face mask phase at the mo and can't wait to try this out. Plus it's half off in Boots right now!

  3. Thank you so much for this very helpful review! I bought this for the first time last week and I also noticed how it didn't specify whether to apply on dry or wet skin, so I Googled it and came across this! :)


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